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Dyed yarn since 1959

In Beti we turn our special yarn customers' daring ideas into reality. We build long-lasting partnerships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholder. Tradition and years of experience give us an important foundation for new adventures in product research and development.

We take care of you so you can take care of your business.

Beti is a leading european R&D producer of special dyed and tecnical yarns.

We offer a wide range of high-elastic, high-bulk dyed yarns for the most demanding end-use. Beti's product range includes new recycled and sustainable yarns. Beti Tecnologies R&D team prototyped an advanced dyed recycled yarn EcoDye 1.0, where water consumption is reduced by 30%.

Our standard portfolio of 2.000 shades guanrantees our customers a quick delivery. High standards fo color matching and continuity give you the needeed stability of the final product.

Yes, but I wan't something special?

We provide our customers a color matching service: we develop special shades as per your request, based on sample fabric or Pantone. Our expert personnel developed several high-fastness fluorescent colors on different materials and shades that meet high-visibility standards.

In 2020 our team got a new member - an advanced Dose&Dye robot taht works around the clock to reproduce any colour of your choice.

And you want more good news? You can order as little as 5kg of one shade.

We need some functionality of the yarn?

Our expertise in texturing gives us the flexibility to adjust ot our customer's individual needs. Our R&D team is adding new products to our portfolio every year. Please check ourSPECIAL YARN or FUNCTIONAL YARNsections. Still didn't find what you are looking for? Don't hesitate and contact us.


»At every step we follow the highets quality standards.« Jožica, Quality Manager


»We are proud of our good and long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers.« Snežana, Commercial Manager


»Our partners appreciate our responsiveness (and quick product develpoment process).« Avgust, Production Manager


»Sustainability is the cornerstone of all our actions and decisions« Maja, CEO

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Beti d.d. is GRS certified

Beti d.d. is GRS certified

Beti d.d. renewed GRS certificate for 2023/2024
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