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BETI d.d.


More than 90% of our sales is created by exports on the markets of USA, EU, Russia and Middle East.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the highest standards of quality and responsiveness.

Long-term vision is to care for quality of products, which are directly reflected in customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

Our Story

The company employs more than 150 people and is among the largest employers in Bela Krajina. Productivity growth brings the development of new programs, markets and a better standard of working environment to employees.

Why Choose Us

Ensuring top quality of our products, commitment to work and quick responsiveness is what distincts us from our competitors.

More then a dye house

We start our production process with texturizing of the POY – partially oriented yarn. This gives a wide range of options regarding the final product and a perfect control of the quality parameters of the yarn. The production process for dyed yarn is optimized through the years of experience which ensures a high elastic end-product with perfect volume that will give your product a rich appearance and soft touch.

Meet Our Team

Name Position Email Phone
mag. Maja Čibej CEO tajnistvo@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 148
Snežana Pavliha Commercial Manager snezana.pavliha@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 154
Anica Cerar Sales anica.cerar@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 201
Helena Novosel Sales helena.novosel@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 364
Matija Štrucelj Sales matija.strucelj@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 302
Romana Petrovič Sales romana.petrovic@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 301
Mojca Jakofčič Secretariat tajnistvo@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 148
Branko Matkovič Head of HR and Legal department branko.matkovic@beti.si (+386) 7 36 38 158

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