Why work with us

Our mission is to develop your daring ideas and turn them into reality. Tradition and years of experience are our strong foundation for new adventures in product research and development.

Our everyday mission is to take care of you, so you can take care of your business. We build long-lasting partnerships with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

We love what we do and that’s why we do it with attention to every detail.

Customers in different continents and regions trust us with their dyed yarns purchase for more than 30 years – Europe, North America, North Africa, Middle East and even Asia. Besides the traditional markets of Italy, France and United States, we have strengthened our presence in Central and Northern Europe in the last years. And there is a reason why.

Excellent customer service team

Beti’s team excels in customer support and service.

Once your order is placed, you can sit back and relax, as the guaranteed quality, quantity and precise time planning of the deliveries is what we do best.

And if something doesn’t go as planned, rest assured we will be responsive and take the necessary actions to meet your requirements.

Customer satisfaction with competence and professionalism of Beti’s team* – 100%

*all customers are very satisfied or satisfied with the competence and professionalism of the Beti team (questionnaire in 2023, responded by 90% of customers)

Supported by Dose&Dye robot, we can match up to 10 new shades per day.

All processes are done in house, carefully planned and systematically controlled

Beti is much more than a dye-house.

Mastering the whole process from POY to final dyed yarns in the colour of your choice is a guarantee for stable quality and high-performing yarns.

Our expertise in texturing gives us the flexibility to adjust to our customer’s individual needs. Constant upgrading of our equipment allows for a flexible workflow and fast sampling procedures.

Our Dose&Dye robot works continuously to reproduce any colour of your choice. Colour matching, executed by a skilled team and supported by AI, secures a quick and best possible result – so you and your designers and developers can be more than ready for the next season or project.

All our processes are carefully planned and supported by modern ERP and MES programmes. Rewinding is done on the latest technology machines with tension control, which guarantees consistent quality even with the most delicate yarns.

Only best available materials are used

Everything starts with the choice of the best materials available in the market. We only work with trusted suppliers that provide quality and sustainability certificates.

100% of POY supplier have OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 and GRS certification*

*Global Recycled Standard certification, as well as signed Sustainability Declaration.


number of different ISO standard quality tests performed by our 2 labs on a daily basis.

Beti's yarn: designed and tested for outstanding results

The yarns we produce are known for their durability, stretch, and the right amount of softness for the particular application.

Quality is controlled at every step and we handle every bobbin with maximum care. All our business and production processes are governed by ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Safety and quality of our dyed yarns for all applications, including skin layers is guaranteed by OekoTex Standard 100: Class 1 (Baby). Internally we perform daily and for every dyed batch a wide range of ISO and AATCE testing in 2 well-equipped labs with highly trained personnel.

Well trained and responsible team

Every individual is carefully trained to become an expert at his or her work.

Skilled personnel from the local environment handle every challenge with great responsibility.

Being a smaller company we are proud that we have even 5 textile engineers and in total 30 team members with completed textile education in our team, managing all processes from product development, technology optimization, quality assurance to customer support.

Together with the Textile Faculty from Maribor, Slovenia, we started Textile Academy training in 2023 with in-depth learnings on traditional textile knowledge and recent developments – so the number of textile-educated personnel will increase to 45.


total number of textile educated personnel in Beti

Sustainable practices are implemented every day

Beti’s production is order-based. Producing countless shades only per customer’s orders means we only use those resources that are necessary and do not create unnecessary or dead stock.

In Beti, we are constantly improving our processes to reduce water and energy consumption. We reduced direct CO2 emissions by 30% in 2018 – 2020 by investing in a new steam-preparation process.

We implemented a proprietary DyeCare technology to all our polyamide and polyester dyeing. And yes, that is the reason why we call all our sustainable yarns – DyeCare yarns. The main advantages are water savings, which are above 50% for polyester and above 30% for polyamide.

3 regional innovation awards in the last years are an important recognition of our endeavors in the field of lower energy consumption and continuous improvement.

Our production waste,

meaning yarn waste that cannot be re-used or upcycled,

is carefully sorted and 100% recycled.*

*Yarn rests are collected, sorted, and upcycled in wonderful products like elastic hair ties or functional designer socks.


Innovation is driving our everyday actions

Constant improvement is better than just waiting for perfection.

We believe every coworker has a superpower and we encourage and support each and everyone to grow and innovate.


Beti was one of the pioneers in dyed 100% recycled yarns. Already in 2014, our dyed recycled yarns made a debut at a World Football championship in Brazil. Nike socks made of recycled PET bottles were worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and others. Many other projects in recycled polyamide and polyester were successfully completed in the meantime.


51% of water
21% electricity
34% direct CO2 emissions

Beti Technologies’ R&D team introduces an advanced dyed recycled yarn DyeCare 1.0, based on 100% recycled post-consumer PET (plastic bottles).

Using the DyeCare dyeing technology in the process, there are direct savings realized: 51% of water, 21% electricity, and 34% direct CO2 emissions.

Our R&D teams are registered by the Slovenian Agency for Research and Development. On average, we develop 40 to 50 new or improved yarns every year – either in cooperation or at the request of our customers, or based on market demand and our internal sustainability endeavors.

In this way, our fragile thread brings maximum performance …

shines on the fashion runways …

keeps you safe and healthy …

and makes your daily job easier and calmer.

The future is green.
Lean. Innovative.

You are invited to join us on this journey.