We believe that the smallest step will bring us closer to our common goals.

We believe in action (not big words).

But yes, we started with a big picture and an action plan.


One might think sustainability and synthetic fibers cannot go hand in hand. Quite the opposite. High durability, crease-resistance, easy-drying, affordability and full recyclability have made polyester so widely used. Nylon, with its durability and stretchability, also fully recyclable, is the top high-performance fibre used in activewear and even medical compression. Increasing the use of recycled and bio-based synthetic yarns is bringing the textile industry one step closer to its sustainability goals.


How we act and what we do in Beti is realigned with sustainability on a greater scale.

Taking care of the planet, people and society goes hand in hand with our business policy and all combined together is our primary mission.

In Beti, business decisions are tailored according to their environmental, economic, and social impact.

An important milestone in our endeavours was Beti’s Sustainable Business Strategy for the period 2020-2025, where we really put sustainability in the focus of our ambitions.


Beti was always innovative in reducing its environmental footprint way before this became a global topic.

By investing in new technologies and internal innovation Beti made a significant step in the last years by lowering CO2 emissions by more than 30% and carbon footprint by over 2.000T. Since 2021 all our production has been based on optimised DyeCare Technology with externally verified energy savings.

Already in 2024, we expect to turn 30% of production into sustainable yarns.

Our expert R&D team works closely with universities and institutes on testing and implementation of new technologies for better utilization of resources and energy.
Workshop on health and work-life balance when working night shifts



Beti is proud to find and obtain skills, expertise and knowledge locally. More than 90% of our employees are from the local environment with an average distance of 7km from the company. With green commuting our team members save their time, encounter less stress on the road and nevertheless, we all contribute to reduced daily emissions.

We work closely with the local community. In 2021 Beti and Municipality Metlika finalised an important investment project in Beti’s business area. As part of the project, Beti donated almost 15.000 m2 of land to the Municipality of Metlika. The donated area consists of different sports facilities that bring wide opportunities for sports and recreation activities for children and adults alike.

Opening of the renovated industrial zone in Metlika and 65 years of Beti’s existence.
4 medals on Metlika night run



Beti is sponsoring and promoting a healthy lifestyle inside the company and various sports and art associations in the local community. and keeping relations with all stakeholders in good shape.

Grow and

We believe every person has a superpower and we encourage and support every employee to grow and innovate.

Motivating employees and investing over 2.000 hours for education and training on a yearly basis was even strengthened in recent years by projects SPIN and ASI.

2 million EUR
in last 5 years

In last 5 years we invested close to 2 mio in newest high quality technology, ergonomic, more friendly to employees with less environmental impact.