Strong, durable, quick-drying, recyclable and dyed in a sustainable way? Meet Beti’s DyeCare 1.0™ yarns. Everything started with optimized dyeing technology, developed in-house in cooperation with our suppliers and Jozef Stefan Institute. That’s why we use the word DyeCare to describe both: our dyeing technology as well as our sustainable yarn range.

Water> 30%> 51%
Electricity> 20%> 21%
CO₂> 25%> 34%

Our highly qualified team in the field of research and development, in cooperation with partners, introduced a special dyeing technology that ensures savings of water, electricity and lower CO₂ emissions.

All our polyamide and polyester yarns are dyed using this optimized process.

First, the award-winning member of our DyeCare family yarns, is high-elastic recycled polyester.
This multi-purpose yarn is characterized by high stretch and higher softness than standard polyester yarns.

100% recycled polyester obtained by recycling bottles is used. The Beti Technologies development group has improved the dyeing process on existing technological equipment, saving more than 51% of water, 21% of electricity, and with less gas consumption, we directly reduce CO₂ emissions by 34% compared to the standard process.

The quality is proven by the OEKO-TEST standard 100 class 1 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificates. Savings are verified and certified by Bureau Veritas.

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For our DyeCare™ 1.0 yarn, we also received the GOLDEN AWARD for the best innovations 2021, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina (GZDBK).

The commission assessed the inventive level, economic outcomes, and forecasts, as well as the sustainable and environmental aspects.

We are extremely proud that Beti is among the recipients of the gold awards, specifically for recycled polyester yarn, dyed through an optimized process that consumes 50% less water compared to the standard dyeing process.

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